Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Uni Days but knitting is still a feature!

I'm back at uni again, and as per usual it's kicking my ass, which mean late nights in the Lab and less time for knitting. only joking, still knitting as much as possible. Started and finished off a worsted weight Jumper in September and have started a few new jumpers, one of them a design of mine, another a Knit Along that i am running for all the new Knitters in our Stitch n Bitch Society. We are doing some easy jumpers and it looks like everyone is having quite a bit of fun and gaining in confidence which is the whole point.
Belmograpgh- three jumper mashup!
I adore my new jumper and I'm wearing it at least once a week, it's great for combating those dreary days. I'm really happy with how the mashup went, I used Beeline by Heidi Kirramer as my base pattern and then eyeballed and appropriated some features from Elmont and graphite(Isabel Kraemer kids jumper currently unpublished). It is a more fitted version of the original beeline, with garter stitch triangles in which my shaping is hidden. As much as I love the jumper I know I made a bunch of mistakes with the pattern as I went along so i feel I'll eventually rip it out and knit it again, though I might end up wearing it to death first!

The Jumper all the beginner knitters have settled on knitting is Skappelgenseren by  Dorthe Skappel, very basic and very simple to do and easy enough to get people started on jumper knitting. The drop shoulder style means not having to worry about shaping. I think a very good beginners pattern, with lots of scope to make changes and develop your own style without going too crazy. I made sure we discussed pertinent issues in our stitch 'n' bitch sessions leading up to the start of the KAL, Such as yarn and needle choice, swatching, adjusting a pattern to your measurements, basic shaping and some extra stitches or stitch patterns in case any one wanted to try and incorporate them.

 I started my own version of the pattern as well, but as with above I've changed the design elements a fair bit and my favourite evil fiddly but oh so beautiful cast on Tubular!

Believe me attempting a tubular cast on in Plötulopi also known as Unspun Icelandic wool was an exercise in patience, tension regulation and prayer (more blind hope than actual prayer though). I decided to do the pattern in the round with a stockinette back and garter stitch front, For a slightly different high low effect. To save myself serious upset and to make allowances for my tension, I picked a tensioning yarn, a nice lurex in a laceweight wire like feel, this was to provide some strength while I was knitting it and means that i can knit to pretty much my usual tension as the stress mostly goes on this yarn. It isn't a completely foolproof method but it has been very helpful.

Do you ever make adjustments for you tension with delicate yarns?