Friday, 18 January 2013

Results - If a little Belated

So I never got back to you guys about how it went.

IT WAS HARD, I remember being so tired of eating the virtually the same old thing every day, several times a day. I went and signed myself up with a personal trainer so i was doing around 2 hours or more in the gym every day (for a week). Thankfully i didn't get the gym aches, probably due to how much protein i took in every day. But boy oh boy by the end of the week i felt like my muscles where quivering like jelly, but the friend i was working out with before the training sessions (i know rookie mistake) commented on the fact she could see cuts in my arms, the fat on them was disappearing  and you could see sleek muscle mass.

I lost a stone in about a week, and that is a hell of alot. I dropped right down in the dress size department and i fit into a perfect size 12 dress for my 21st two weeks later. In all honesty though, that amount of weight loss in a week was scary. In my eyes although i was being incredibly healthy, that amount of weight loss in that time really wasn't so i dialled it back the next week and strayed from the diet a few times, to slow down any more weightloss.

Verdict: whilst it was cool being that slim and toned, i doubt i would do it again, far too restricting for a foodie, plus i lost from everywhere. I mean everywhere, i'm lucky that i've always been largely big chested because otherwise a 2 cup size drop could have been pretty crazily noticeable. Also it was totally weird being able to run my hand over my stomach and truly feel the muscle there, without a load more extra padding.

That being said i still go to the gym nice and regularly 3 times a week if can. I've even been working with some other students to add some push and motivation to their workouts as well as mine.

Now though i've gone back to being the foodie in me and i'm going back to doing what i always said i would do when i first started at Leeds.

Eat at as many of the independant restaurants as i can and tell you what it's like! so stay tuned.
I went out for a quiet meal kindle and me as a spur of the moment thing and i definitely have to go back there with some friends so i'll write that one up.

If anyone is from Leeds, let me know if you have any suggestions for where to go!