Friday, 29 April 2016

And the winner is.......

You wonderfully awesome people have spoken.The theme for Quarter 2's yarn club is.......

As with most fandoms Terry Pratchett's Discworld is near and dear to me. I fondly remember reading the books and watching The Hog Father at Christmas. Discworld was a source of much laughter, probably more than a little confusion and silly memories! Also for those of you who like a good table top gaming session, Ankh-Morpork the game is really rather fun!

I am really looking forward to re-exploring and re-discovering the world of Discworld with you for this club and I can tell you right now I am strongly inclined to create a colourway called boozin' blue men in kilts.....

As before sign ups go live for subscribers to the yarn club mailing list on the 30th (tomorrow!) and will be available to everyone 1st week of May. Sign ups will only be open until Monday 16th of May this time around, and remember there are only a limited amount of places so don't miss out, if places fill up then sign ups will close early.

The club box will include a set of mini skeins, themed goodies and an exclusive club skein which can be in one of our 100% superwash merino bases, Companion 4ply, Echo Dk or Space Aran. Or you can change from one our standard bases to one of the luxury bases.

  • Tesseract lace 600m (55% Sw Blue Faced Leicester 45% Silk) + £4 per skein
  • Hevelin 4ply 400m (MCN - 80% Sw Merino 10% Cashmere 10% Nylon) + £4 per skein
  • Sinaya Dk 212m (MCN) + £4 per skein
  • Selkie Dk 212m (50% Sw Merino 50% Silk) + £2 per skein
There will also be a limited number of single 100g skein offerings for £16 + postage, if a luxury base is chosen add £2 or £4 per skein depending on the option as detailed above.

Extra 100g skeins can be added to the club box or with the single skein for an additional £15 (standard skein) each.

Whilst you wait though, check out my newest pattern release!
The Noughts and Crosses Cowl is now live and available to purchase, both as a pattern on Ravelry and as a Kit in the Store

Friday, 15 April 2016

Third Vault Yarns on Holiday: Part 1

If you've been following the Facebook page and Instagram, you'll be aware of the fact that we've had a little holiday. Starting on the 12th of March and finishing on the 12th of April. I was joined by a new little friend to take in the highlights, meet new people and travel to new countries. So first of all let me introduce you to #Shaunbonbunny!

This cute little Zombie bunny was made in Third Vault Yarns Echo DK ~ Zombiecide colourway by Kirsty from Stonechatcrafts on Etsy, she has some great things and is a new knitty friend of mine so go check her out!

Our first stop on our tour was Leeds on route to #EYF2016 (but we'll get to that later). I did both of my degrees at Leeds University and because of that the city will always hold a special place in my heart, it's a lot like home for me. It's also home to a few of my friends and the society where my knitting and dyeing addiction truly began. So I couldn't rock up in Leeds for a week without going to stitch 'n' bitch knit night, where I caught up with a couple of old friends and met some 'newtomebies'. Shaun also learned to knit....

Later on that week we taught a dyeing workshop for the society, though mind you it was mostly me teaching, Shaun just charmed everyone with his cuteness. It was a lot of fun to discuss the different techniques, and then watch everyone experiment with hand painting techniques and the different methods of dye application I brought along. I freely admit to being uber jealous of some of the wonderful creations which have been posted under the tag #snbdye16

After that and various stops across the week at my favourite Leeds restaurants (that's the problem with moving after you've lived somewhere for several years, you leave a lot of favourites behind!), If you are in the Leeds area you should absolutely visit, Thai Edge, Little Tokyo, Maxi's Chinese and so many others, It was off on the next leg of my Journey to Edinburgh! I spent most of my time on the train knitting, I was desperately trying to finish my Mont Blanc (oh beautiful thorn in my side!), being absolutely determined to wear it for some of #EYF 2016. At this point I was in the home stretch working on the neckline. I didn't manage to finish it on the train, picking up stitches always takes me forever! So I decided that I was not going to be attending the ceildh without my knitting!

Suffice to say whilst the other's were doing some very energetic dancing I was hunched over in a corner casting off my neckline! Don't worry though, it was done soon enough and I was out on that dance floor with the rest of them. I can't say I have a head for scottish dancing, I certainly didn't know what I was doing half the time, but it was definitely lots of fun. If you discount the amount of times I apologised for stepping on toes and dancing out of time.... There are some great pictures of the Ceildh on the Edinburgh Yarn Fest Website so I recommend heading over and checking it out!

Say What! a finished object?
Steamed within an inch of it's life so I
could wear it the next day :)

Bright and early I queued up for marketplace, snuggly wrapped up in my new jumper, say nothing of those ends! Until at 10 o'clock we were unleashed on the marketplace. First thing I did was to head over to say hello to both Porpoise Fur and Cowtown Knits, though leaving my purse at the porpoise fur stand didn't stop me from buying a pattern from Katie when I was over at her stand. Yes that is my tip for yarn and fibre festivals (not buying stuff without your purse), be disciplined, if you can leave your money in a safe place for that first lap, or firmly at the bottom of your bag.
Get an eyeful of everything before you leave with anything!
is my motto. Shaun was of course with me on this trip round the #EYF marketplace, he was the one hobnobbing with everyone while I ogled the yarns! If you check out the Instagram feed you'll be able to see everyone we met. Oh and I forgot to mention, Shaun, the little cutie, was a style award stealer, someone got an award when I didn't!

My Haul was very modest, Just 2 skeins of Wollmeise and a gift skein for someone else (I can't show the gift yet).

ok so maybe there was a bit more... but in fairness they were all mini skeins and maybe a skein of OMA yarn...

Did you go anywhere interesting over the Easter Holidays? 

Friday, 1 April 2016

Themed Quarterly Yarn Club ~ Firefly

Quarter 1 is drawing to a close, bringing with it the end of the first instalment of the Quarterly Yarn Club. For those of you that didn't get a chance to join in the fun, here is the final club box and the gorgeous yarns and goodies that everyone received.

I have a lot of fandoms that I'm particularly partial to. Firefly being one of my all time favourites. So I was thrilled when it won the vote. I really enjoyed creating it and I'd love to take you through my different inspirations for the colourways present in the Club. Starting with the Exclusive Club skein 'Serenity'.

Shown on our Tesseract base
Serenity was inspired by it's namesake, the Firefly class ship that is home to our favourite crew. I wanted to show the ship as a little battered but still well loved and beautiful in its own way. With maroon and orange flashes across the skein overlaid with a silvery grey/black reminiscent of the scene when the ship is flying though a sea of Reavers in Serenity. Lastly I definitely couldn't forget to add the section of engine burn orangey yellow, so that when in skein form it looks like Serenity is in full burn travelling through the black.

Crew Member Companion minis

Captain Tightpants/Mal

For Mal I really wanted to represent his bold nature as well as pay homage to his browncoat loyalties. To this end I played with rich reds and browns, whilst also including some yellow and beiges to balance out those colours. As I've said before I think his and Inara's colourway go beautifully together, both very bold and in brilliant contrast.


River was a hard one to represent, as in speaking to others, I've found she in particular is interpreted so differently. Even by me in this case, as her colourway very nearly ended up completely different. I had originally gone for a strong rich blue and Sage/olivey green to represent her dresses in two key scenes, both in the TV series and the film. However at the last moment I changed my mind and her colourway became silvery blue with more blue flashes and red speckles. As I think it represents the dancer's fluidity with which she carries herself but also a nod to her fighting skills and her scattered mind.


I have previously spoken about my inspiration for Inara's colourway, and how I feel the rich layered purples represent her strength of character and her beauty, so it was a pleasure to include her as a mini for this club.


Wash and Zoe will always be my personal favourite characters aboard the ship, so it was a no brainer when I chose Wash as one of the crew member skeins, With his quirky one liners and his snappy dress sense how could I not! I took inspiration from his crazy shirts, with their pale green under colour and colourful prints and patterning. I followed this by creating a light mint green underlay and using orange, blue, teal and black for speckles and splashes.

As to why these four over the others, I have been working on some new Firefly themed colourways that I will début in the next quarter as well as some more Dr Who inspired colourways. Some of the ideas I had for crew members for Firefly couldn't be demonstrated to my satisfaction on mini skeins. Hence why these 4 of 9.


We can't forget this club's wonderful goodies. made in collaboration with some other artisans, including buttons from Crazy buttons and Allsorts, and some charms from Pinz n Thingz.
The notions pouches and stitch markers were made by me with the buttons made by Angie of Crazy buttons, she does beautiful work.

I will be offering themed notions kits upon my return from holiday in April and there will be a limited number of these Firefly ones up for grabs, so if you like them don't miss out!

Now onwards! Boldly into the next quarter and the beginning of voting on the next theme. Thanks to everyone on Ravelry who gave suggestions in the group as to possible themes for next quarter, The Random thing picker has spoken!

The themes for voting are!

  • Discworld
  • Fifth Element
  • Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Don't worry if your theme isn't here for voting, I'll be working on lots of new colourways on my return from holiday so you'll see one or two based on some of the different themes suggested to me, Also keep an eye out towards the end of this year, there will be some exciting things happening, exciting but kind of secret so I can't share them just yet :D

In other news, there will be a "Because yarn is expensable, right?" Market Night this coming Saturday April 2nd over on the Facebook page, don't forget to check it out as all our ready to ship yarns will be on offer. with 10% off over £20 spent and 15% off over £50.

So what are you waiting for, Get Voting and Get Shopping!