Saturday, 14 February 2015

It's Finished!

I've finally finished a jumper that I designed and made from scratch completely off my own back. It was hard work. I didn't follow the general advice on designing your own knits, which would be to calculate, measure, write then knit, so I pretty much did the first bit and knit and played around with it from there. I think this method works to a point, I guess especially when your not hugely experienced with creating different shapes and so wouldn't know how to write it out, but in that case your probably better of getting out some graph paper and drawing it out.  It is certainly an interesting experience working something from a picture in your head, especially when it comes to adding design details and figuring out how it will all fit together.

Anyhoo I don't have great pictures of my jumper yet, what with the weather and all, but as soon as i do they'll be up here! I'm on to my next projects, finishing off the winter ones and taking part in Plum Dandi's (Alicia Plum and Melissa S) Ultimate KAL with my version of Ease/Birchbark. I'm looking forward to intentionally doing something with colour in my knitting unlike the above jumper where i ran out of yarn!

I've been searching for ages for a better representation of the top Jennifer Lawrence wears in Catching Fire to sleep in on the train, as I fell in love with it from that angle alone, so this morning i stumble across this on
You can just about see the back
on the right
I've fallen out of love, it wasn't what I envisioned and so it has me a little dissapointed. Though i'm sure if i had a go at it and made some changes I could love it again. I'm actually really interested by the concept of a knitted bodysuit, though in this case it seems a shame to have it so short, as I definitely couldn't carry that off in RL. On the other hand I adore this set from the same fall collection...

Doing a little search there wasn't anything like it on ravelry so maybe it could be a future design project.....

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