Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Cleansing and Clearing up

There it is, right at home with the rest of my bathroom products, didn't I tell you it was cute!

My LUNA mini is pocket sized and the charge last for ages! so it's so practical to carry around if need be. This weekend I took it with me to my boyfriend's so I could continue my morning and evening regime. I'm using it with the gel cleanser next to it, Neutrogena pore & shine. Which by the way smells gorgeous, tangerine and lime beats their cucumber, and pink grapefruit versions hands down.

My 5 day verdict

Your supposed to see a difference in 3 days, and believe me I did! Those pesky spots around the top of my t-zone that dogged my eyebrows and the top of my nose? Gone! Usually when I get my eyebrows threaded I get a crazy spots around the area they've got rid of the hair especially at the top of my nose, they tend to stay for weeks. Using the Luna mini they were gone by the third day.
Every time I use it my face feels firmer as well as nice and clean, and it feels much better than using the daily scrub.

My face is still in the process of clearing up, I actually had a bit of a break out on Sunday. That though I blame firmly on cats (I'm pretty allergic, and had to spend a 3-4 hours in the same house as three of them). The bigger spots though are shrinking and you can't really see them anymore, the only way to tell they are there is to run your finger over them.

The best thing is as I never wear make-up, people can immediately tell the difference, I've had a lot of comments about how much brighter and healthier my skin is looking. I had a stonking great headache the other day and mentioned it to a friend, and she complained that I didn't look it because my skin was so fresh and bright looking.

I'll take an updated picture of my face, and post it next week so you can see what I mean.

I'm thinking of putting up post about my natural hair journey, or just my hair care in general, so stay tuned!