Monday, 1 June 2015

Quick Update

I'm finishing off my Masters at the moment, in my last stretch of exams. So I haven't had the time to make an update. I've finished off my version of Soft Stones, the beautiful Jumper i wrote about last time and started a few other projects. I even squeezed in some dyeing time to get ready for my next test knit. Oh Alfa (Atelier Alfa designs on ravelry) I can't wait for your Winter Wheat DK!

My Soft Stones
I opted for shorter sleeves, as I think they work better for me in this jumper (The picture is of me in the Computer lab, a very brief pause for pictures and then to work). I'm even considering doing a sleeveless version in the future as the jumper also looked great on me as a t-shirt. Perhaps though in summer yarns, and certainly not until next year at least 3ply weight yarn and I have some need of a separation for a while. Which makes it even better that my next big project in June will be my DK jumper for Alfa, Are you ready to see my three colour gradient? It's not the greatest picture but i love them, The colours are semisolid and really glow in person. They'll be much easier to see when they are all knitted up but that'll be a post toward the end of June or early July (maybe even graduation cardigan, yes wooo! that's coming up this year). Well cue crappy picture...
Not bad for a quick day of dyeing
As I said, I've been a busy bee with Uni work, but that's not all I've been up to, so stay tuned for more exciting, patterny, fibrey things in the future!

Quick request for you lovely people out there, if you comment on this post or on any of my others, please share it with me if it is a google + comment so I can interact with you or answer any of your questions if you have them :)