Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Two week update on the spotty situation

So for the past two weeks I've been raving about the FOREO LUNA Mini. I still think it's pretty good, easy to use and fast.

As I promised here's an updated picture of my face two weeks on from when I started using it. Since last week I've cut down a lot on my use of it. I no longer use it twice a day everyday because after a week and a half of constant use it was drying out my skin and giving me spots. I had a massive break out last weekend, now not so much they've all faded away as my skin has had a chance to rebalance and restore it's oils. I still use the Luna but in the morning about every 3 days or so. Which is much closer to my normal skincare regime before I started using it. My skin is much clearer and a lot brighter looking.

Whilst it dried my skin out it also gave it a crazy good deep clean so my skin doesn't feel heavy, and clogged but feels incredibly soft and smooth.

I will keep using it as I am currently and I'd still recommend it to people but not at the same rate of use that FOREO suggests.