Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas knitting List

Now that it's getting to the end of November i'm frantically scrambling about to get my Christmas knits on the needles, and flying off to make way for the next one. This year I have a lot of presents to make. I decided to go a lot bigger than I did last year for my boyfriend's family's presents, so instead of mini stockings we have scarves, cowls and boots. I'm also going to be doing most of my presents this year as knitted ones as a stash busting exercise and generally because a knitted gift is given with love. With Ravelry as a great source of inspiration I got to work finding patterns for presents. The Patterns that made the present list so far are

 These Slippers are knitted in a super bulky weight yarn and look like they would be incredibly comfortable to wear whilst being pretty effortlessly stylish (or at least as stylish as one needs to be in their own home/for sleepovers).

The picture I believe is the one Jenny knitted, and it looks scrumptious, especially in the Malabrigo Rasta. However that yarn is slightly outside my budget (though I Knit do sell it , so I wouldn't have to pay postage) so I'm going to be using my stash Araucania Tolten which is slightly thinner but will work. It will knit up to make a nice squishy but close cowl that is nice to wear against the neck.

  • Striped Scarf by Erika Knight (from the book Men's Knits a new direction)

This pattern is also available on Ravelry but I had picked up the book at my local library and saw it when I was flicking through. I will be modding it though, by using a linen stitch to join the colours, and aran weight yarn. I had originally wanted to knit Incognito, but I was informed that it likely wouldn't be worn. How can anyone not love Incognito! I'll be knitting myself one soon methinks...

Props to Andrea for this gorgeous piece it's really lovely and I was completely inspired. As I'm hoping the present will be used as a costume piece I might make it a bit more ornate and possibly add some beads. I am also considering making it only one eyed and crocheting some fancy lace over the top to the other side of the face. Along with this I was thinking of adding a necklace, the choker is very nice but again I'd be making some changes to it to make them work together.

  • Nest by Hanne Katajamaki

Now there are a lot of cats in the household, so I think this one will be well received I might try to reinforce it a bit so that it isn't as easily collapsible, though not having cats myself I don't know if it's a plus or a minus.

So that's the shortened version of my Christmas knitting list, i'll be adding more as I go along as I've gotten involved in a few secret santa's. One for my old school friends and another for the I Knit Christmas party. So bring on the knitting!

If you have any suggestions of what to add let me know. Also I would like to state none of the pictures used above are mine this time and all belong to the lovely designers of the items/patterns. So massive thanks to them for the patterns that I will be using. 

I'm sorry this was so late but i just came back from holiday to Iceland, so that's what my next post/ posts will be about with a little contribution from the boyfriend.