Friday, 15 January 2016

So Many WIPs... So Few FOs!

It seems since my last knitting post about the Soft Stones Pullover, I've been pretty terrible at finishing my projects :(

I certainly didn't manage to complete 12/15 jumpers in 2015. I won't be attempting it this year either but it is one of my knitoloutions to finish more WIPs (so based on my jumper WIPs, i'll be almost there!) and knit more in general.

My finished items from 2015 (a few of which are pictured above)
  • Wurm hat for a friend
  • 2 x Stained glass shawlettes
  • Ease Jumper
  • Sandshore
  • Soft stones
  • Swing me right round
  • Cowl for a swap
  • Shawl for a swap
  • Hawthorne singlet
  • 3 x Amigurumi vampire bats

Unfortunately my list of Works In Progress, is pretty long..
They amount to around
In addition to my WIPs above, I have added another jumper and a few more accessories. On top of that I have several designs in the works for this year. Including the rest of the Short Row collection that the Stained Glass Shawlette belongs to. 

This collection explores the use of short rows as design features, and the way they can be used to provide structure and shaping. It will consist of the Shawlette, a Shawl, Wristwarmers, a Tank top and a Jumper. These will be released to the collection at different points this year so stay tuned to pick up a fantastic discount on the collection when the first pattern is released.

What are your knitoloutions or craftoloutions for 2016? Share them in the comments :)